Launch CFQ standard fruit and vegetable boxes for longer life and better logistics

During the Fruit Logistica 2020 in Berlin, the CFQ standard is officially be launched by Fresh Produce Centre and Corrugated Benelux Association (CBA). Common Footprint Quality (CFQ). This CFQ standard is the new Benelux quality standard for fruit and vegetable boxes, made of corrugated cardboard and solid board. “Increasing the sustainability and stackability were the main purposes when developing this CFQ standard. We use the minimum of carton, while we guarantee the maximum of strength for these CFQ boxes. They can endure long-distance transport through Europe and trucks can be loaded in the most efficient way. This is profitable for the trader and the retailer and the consumer gets a better and fresher product”, says Peter van Ostaijen, director of CBA, the organisation for the corrugated industry in the Benelux.

The CFQ standard has been launched by CBA in collaboration with the fruit and vegetable sector and is now being produced by five organizations in the Benelux. The boxes produced under the CFQ label are optimal during transport, strong, protect the products and are completely interstackable. An independent agency audits the CFQ standard so that a box produced under the CFQ logo actually meets the requirements and specifications.

“Standardising these fruit and vegetables boxes means having the same bottom sizes, holes and strength. Mix-pallets can be made more easily when you have different sorts of fruits and vegetables on one pallet. Also the stacking of the boxes on pallets is optimal and more stable. There are no losses during transport. Producers and traders can also switch easily between different layouts and printing, thanks to these standard box dimensions”, says Wim Rodenburg of Fresh Produce Centre.

Read about the CFQ logo on the website

From today you can read all information about the CFQ standard on the website On the website you can also read which Benelux suppliers you can approach for your corrugated and / or solid board CFQ boxes.

Portal for suppliers

Also, within this CFQ website a digital environment has been developed where box producers and suppliers can consult the standardized dimensions and specifications of the boxes. Producers and suppliers can request a login for this special part of the website.

The CFQ standard is an initiative of Corrugated Benelux Association (CBA) in collaboration with Fresh Produce Centre.