Read everything about the CFQ standard on

CFQ is the quality standard in Europe for products made from corrugated cardboard and solid board, optimized for the distribution and transport of fruit and vegetables. From today you can read all information about the CFQ standard on the website A digital environment has also been developed where suppliers can consult the standardized dimensions and specifications of the boxes.

The CFQ standard has been launched by CBA in collaboration with the fruit and vegetable sector and is now being produced by five organizations in the Benelux. On the website you can read, in addition to the information about the standard, which suppliers you can approach for your corrugated and / or solid board boxes. An independent agency checks the CFQ standard so that a box produced under the CFQ logo actually meets the standardization specifications.

Portal for suppliers

For CFQ suppliers, an environment has been developed on the website where the standards, working drawings and model list for corrugated board and solid cardboard boxes can be downloaded. Suppliers can request a login for this. Do you want to participate as a supplier in the CFQ standard? Then contact us for the possibilities. You can read all the conditions here.

Standardization in the fruit and vegetable sector

The fruit and vegetable sector embraces the initiative to achieve standardization. Since the summer of 2019, tomatoes and peppers have been packaged as largely in CFQ standardized boxes. The sector will continue to switch over the coming months. 

The CFQ standard is an initiative of Corrugated Benelux Association (CBA) in collaboration with GroentenFruit Huis.